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Investment Management

At MWM, we manage our clients portfolios on a discretionary basis using Exchange Traded Funds.  Investment decisions should be long term in nature but opportunities come up and markets go down.  Discretionary management allows for our portfolio managers to make changes very quickly to portfolios if the market warrants or as opportunities arise.  Our main goal is for our clients to capture as much appreciation on the upside as possible while mitigating potential losses.  Our long term portfolios are constructed with Modern Portfolio Theory in mind, but may be deviated from as the market dictates.

Our Philosophy

Modern Portfolio Theory

The basis for our thinking on portfolio management comes from a combination of hands on experience managing assets and principles of asset allocation and portfolio construction that were founded by very accomplished investment professionals.  We ascribe to Modern Portfolio Theory, a mathematical model, which establishes the "efficient frontier".  Basically, the theory models different portfolios and plots them on a graph with Risk on an axis and Return on the other.  The efficient frontier sets the boundary for maximum returns based upon a certain level of risk.  Enough of the technical speak!  We invest our clients assets after finding out what level of risk they can handle and with Modern Portfolio Theory in mind construct a custom tailored portfolio using Exchange Traded Funds.

Efficient Frontier Chart


Indexing allows for lower operating costs within an ETF. Most of the ETFs that we use have a gross expense less than 0.2%, which, on $10,000 equates to $20. The average cost of an actively managed mutual fund is over 1%, which is 5 times more expensive! Those fees can take a big chunk out of your savings over time.

Tax Efficient

Because they’re indexed, most ETFs have very little turnover with far fewer capital gains than a typical, actively managed mutual fund.


Yes, we use investments that are indexed or "passive", however, we understand that markets change and opportunities come up, so we are very active in making changes to our client's portfolios if the market warrants. Rest assured, we aren't like wall street firms that tell you to "stay put" when a financial crisis occurs. We look out for our clients best interests and preserving wealth is certainly a top priority.


Our investment strategy is flexible and can meet the needs of any investor. When markets change direction it may be wise to change investments or to even change course on strategy. We keep an open mind when it comes to the concerns of our clients as well as our outlook for the markets.

Custom Tailored

Thinking about using a computer model or online investment tool for your portfolio management? Keep in mind those are "cookie cutter" services that are prescribed en masse without taking into consideration who you are as a person. No two investors are alike, so why should their portfolios be? We custom tailor portfolios on an individual basis with the client's personal goals and ideals in mind. At MWM, we understand that you are a unique individual and your portfolio should reflect that!

Monitored Daily

One of our main goals is to give our clients the peace of mind knowing that their money is being looked after daily. We keep our finger on the pulse of the state of the economy as well as current events to know how our clients accounts may be affected. No more worrying over the news, laying awake at night, or checking your portfolio everyday. Let MWM do the worrying for you!

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