MWM is an Independent Registered Investment Adviser.  Being Independent means you get advice that is timely and objective.  MWM works with clients to build wealth over time.  There are No Minimums for Income or Net Worth to work with us.

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We are a Fee-Only Financial Advisor, which means we get our compensation from one source, our clients.  No Commissions from selling you a product or kickbacks from the products we recommend.

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As a Fiduciary Financial Planner, we put the interests of our clients first, PERIOD.  You work hard for your money and deserve an investment adviser that avoids conflicts of interest to better serve you.

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Millennial Wealth Management is an Independent, Fee-Only Financial Planning Firm Dedicated to Serving the Investment Needs of the Millennial Generation.

Custom Tailored Advice

At MWM, we find out what is important to you and your family before giving any recommendations. As a fee-only financial advisor, you can feel confident knowing your strategy is custom-tailored and in your best interest.

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Comprehensive Financial Planning

MWM takes pride in the quality of advice we give. We will take you through our ongoing comprehensive financial planning process and set forth the best strategy to reach your financial goals.

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Investment Management

Our investment management strategy utilizes only the best technology to allocate your assets in the most tax-efficient way building portfolios with inexpensive exchange traded funds.

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We use the latest technology and research to deliver custom-tailored financial plans and investment portfolios that will perform in any market cycle.

Our clients have many different concerns ranging from setting up a budget and paying down debt, to investing for a longer term goal like sending a child to college or saving money for retirement.  No concern is too big or too small!
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Looking for Transparency?

As a fee-only, fiduciary serving only in the best interests of our clients, we at MWM have a policy of being completely transparent about our fees and how we get paid.  Our only compensation comes from you the client.  We don't sell any products, therefore, never receive any commissions or kickbacks from any mutual fund companies or insurers.  All of our fees can be found under the Fee Schedule tab.
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There are many things you can't control when it comes to investing. But, one of the things that you can absolutely control is how much your investments are costing you. Expenses come in many forms, from fees or commissions your advisor charges to the operating expenses of the funds utilized in your investment strategy. At MWM, we don't accept commissions and we charge lower fees than most firms.

Custom Tailored

We get to know our clients on a personal level to better offer advice that makes sense for the individual and the ideals that shape their life. There is no cookie cutter mentality at MWM. Every one of our clients is unique and deserves, in turn, a unique financial planning experience.

No Minimums

We believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to grow wealth overtime. While many firms only work with clients that have met certain asset level minimum requirements, MWM, offers the same great advice and service whether you are just starting a budget and paying down debt or you are a successful entrepreneur enjoying early retirement.

Timely Advice

Life is a journey and decisions about money are at every turn. Partner with us and have the answers you need to live life to the fullest and put your financial worries aside!

Industry Leading Technology

Being a smaller firm, we are able to focus more on the customer experience than most larger financial companies. We utilize the latest cloud-based technology to keep you informed and at ease about your money, no matter where you are, or what device you are using!

Experience and Expertise

Our team has a diverse financial services background. With years of service to individual investors ranging from pension and retirement plan consultation to private banking and affluent wealth management, we have the experience and expertise to manage our clients total financial picture.

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