Fee Schedule

What Will I Pay?

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive financial planning consists of an upfront charge of $500, and an ongoing fee that is paid monthly, in advance, at the rate of $150 for a single individual and $200 for couples, per month. The fee may be negotiable in certain cases. This service may be terminated with 30 calendar days’ notice. Fees for comprehensive financial planning are paid in advance of services rendered. Upon termination of any account, refunds will be given on a pro-rated basis for services not rendered.

*Financial planning included on investment accounts at MWM valued at $300,000 or more.

What Will I Get?

Financial Plan with Ongoing Monitoring

Investment Management

Our standard advisory fee is based on the market value of the assets under management and is calculated based on the chart below. The annual fees are negotiable and are pro-rated and paid in arrears on a monthly basis. The advisory fee is a flat fee, calculated by assessing the percentage rates using the predefined level of assets, to the average daily balance of the account as of the last day of the month. No increase in the annual fee shall be effective without agreement from the client by signing a new agreement or amendment to their current advisory agreement. Advisory fees are directly debited from client accounts, or the client may choose to pay by check. Accounts initiated or terminated during a calendar month will be charged a pro-rated fee, based on the amount of time remaining in the billing period. An account may be terminated with written notice at least 30 calendar days in advance, but the advisor will collect the fee for the pro-rated amount of time services were rendered. Upon termination of the account, any unearned fee will be refunded to the client.


Account Value Annual Advisory Fee

  • $0 to $300,000 account has a 1.25 percent fee
  • $300,001 to $1,000,000 account has a 1.00 percent fee*
  • $1,000,001 to $2,000,000 account has a 0.75 percent fee*
  • $2,000,001 and above account has a .50 percent fee*

*Financial Planning included in Advisory Fee


We work with our clients using up-front fees and focused, efficient planning practices. With us, you know what you are paying for.

Custom Tailored

Every client is treated like the first and that means excellent service as well as planning and advice geared toward their specific needs.

Timely Advice

Using modern analysis, planning methodologies, and current data sets we extract the best outcome for our clients' financial needs. 

Call Us Now for Financial Literacy

At MWM we’re a Denver financial advisory firm dedicated to serving millennials. Our comprehensive financial planning service is unique, a true partnership between the firm and our clients. No two client relationships look the same when working with us because nobody is in the same financial position with the same goals and life circumstances. If you want personal attention with a true understanding of your current financial situation and a plan to reach your future goals, then give us a try. Our promise to you is to always put Denver residents’ interests first, which we committed to when we took the fiduciary oath.

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