Frequently Asked Questions

Everybody could do a little better with their money. We help you define your financial goals and stay on track to achieve them. Think of us like a personal trainer, but for your money!

We are a Fee-Only Firm. We get paid only by our clients, no matter what products or services we recommend. Most other firms collect commissions from the products they sell, creating an inherent conflict of interest when giving investment advice. Most commissions are paid out of your hard earned dollars before your money is even invested. So, if an advisor sells you a mutual fund with a 5% upfront commission, your $100,000 investment now becomes a $95,000 investment. It could take years to make up for those dollars that you just "gave" to the advisor for investing your money. We charge a percentage based fee for the assets we manage. When your portfolio goes up in value we make more money, conversely, when your portfolio goes down in value so does our revenue. As you can see, we are incentivized to keep your money growing!

Yesterday!!! Obviously, the sooner the better. With our comprehensive financial planning services, our clients actually spend less money and save more when working with our advisers. We are a true financial partner working with you on everything financial. From budgets and debt repayment to saving for retirement and lowering your taxes. We will make sure you make all the right money decisions to live the best life possible.

At MWM, we serve clients in every life stage. We specialize in working with individuals under age 40 and if you are a young professional or entrepreneur of the Millennial Generation, we are the firm for you!

Yes, we work with clients all over the USA. We use the latest technologies to make working with MWM, the best experience available. No matter where you are located we can hold virtual appointments through Google Hangouts and Skype. Our financial planning software is accessible from any device and will give you real-time feedback on your financial plan. So, if the market goes crazy, you can see if you are still on track to reach your financial goals.

NO! At MWM we do not sell any financial products or life insurance. We want to avoid any and all conflicts of interest while working with our clients, and believe the only way to do so is by not selling products that pay commissions.

No, we do not hold any client money directly. We utilize the custody services of Betterment Institutional, one of the largest technology-based providers of custodial services for firms like Millennial Wealth Management, LLC.

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