Financial Foundations

Online Financial Literacy Program

Our mission at MWM is to build financial literacy. We firmly believe that by educating people about personal finance we can help them use money as a resource to get to their goals. We also know that working with an advisor can feel overwhelming if you have aren’t even sure how much money you have in your checking account. We wanted to give our community an opportunity to gain financial literacy and get the basics from an expert financial advisor, regardless of their starting point. We created a comprehensive online course to help you build your financial foundation for long term wealth.

Online Financial Literacy Course Crafted by Expert Financial Planners

Our course covers all the essentials for people just getting their feet on the ground. Every month we cover a new topic and build on that content month to month. We also release bonus content quarterly to give you some bonus insights on special topics like money and relationships or taxes. This course covers the simple to the complex (but all truly essential), including:


Finding the Perfect Bank

Saving for Emergencies

Understanding Credit

Tackling Debt

Finding the Right Credit Card

Insurance Basics

Making Your Data More Secure Online

Retirement Accounts

Estate Planning

Investing Basics

Financial Independence

Fresh Content Released Monthly

Each new topic is released on a month to month basis and is easily accessible online, whenever you’re ready for it. You’ll get access to the course content with videos, blog posts, tutorials, and worksheets, to walk you through your financial picture step by step.

You’ll get access to the financial planning software we use with our clients. You’ll have the ability to plug in your situation and build it completely customized to you and your goals. This includes tools to help you budget, save for an emergency, even get out of debt, payment by payment.

Finally, we offer monthly office hours in which you get an opportunity to get all of your questions answered by one of our experienced financial advisors. The course was designed by educators with years of experience in higher education, in order to help provide thorough but easy to digest content, in a format that’s convenient for you.


Financial Foundations Online Literacy Course is just $50 per month or a one-time $500.

Custom Tailored

Every client is treated like the first and that means excellent service as well as planning and advice geared toward their specific needs.

Expert Advice

All of the most important financial knowledge delivered by expert financial educators. 

Call Millennial Wealth Management for Financial Literacy in Denver

At MWM, we’re a financial advisory firm dedicated to serving millennials in Denver. Our comprehensive financial planning service is unique—a true partnership between the firm and the client. We believe no two client relationships look the same because not everyone has the same financial position, goals, or life circumstances. If you want personal attention with a true understanding of your current financial situation and a plan to reach your future goals in Denver, then give us a try. We promise always to put your interests first, which is the commitment we made when we took the fiduciary oath.

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